Dis-ease happens when we forget our true nature as Spirit.


Hey, I’m Jill.

I’m Jill, or you can call me Veta. My purpose in this life is to help others come back to their truest nature as Spirit.

My philosophy and beliefs about spirituality contain no boxes, no barriers, and no restraints; just universal teachings full of love, non-attachment, humility and service. I believe in the power of the nature, the power of wisdom, and the power of sound and silence to peel back the layers of our egos and reveal to us the light inside all of us. The vedas are the basis of my offerings, including ayurveda, sound and yoga.

I see the being as a whole and health as a progressive journey from focusing on the body, to the mind to the Spirit. I combine my passion, knowledge, skills, travels and experience of many different philosophies, cultures and healing modalities to help restore, renew and inspire you to come back to the inner wisdom within.

Tap into the boldness and brightness of Spirit.


You move the pen,


only the vessel

of the words

that attempt to describe

the vastness of You,

and all that is beyond this page.



What does your Spirit need?


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